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Make your predictions: Brandon Morrow

On the list of 'tough to guess just what he'll do for us' Brandon Morrow must be near the top. This will be his 4th major league season and he's only made 15 starts but will be a starter for us. At least that's the plan. He is just 25 (26 at the end of July), he was picked up in the 1st round of the 2006 draft by the Mariners out of the University of California, Berkeley and made the major leagues the next year.

As Alex Anthopoulos has said, he throws hard. He has 204 strikeouts in 197.2 major league innings. The trouble is that he also has 128 walks in that time for a big 5.8/9 innings. There are a lot of power pitchers that took a few years, in the majors, to find the strike zone, but then there are others that never did find it. If he doesn't throw more strikes against patient AL East teams, he isn't going to be pitching late into games. His FIP was pretty high (5.05) last year, which worries me some.

So for me the question is how deep into games he can get and how many innings he can take after pitching 63, 64 and 69 innings the last three years?

Anyway if you want to look at his pitching line from last year, here it is:

2009 - Brandon Morrow 2-4 26 10 0 0 6 2 69.2 66 38 34 10 44 63 4.39 1.58

Bill James guesses that he will go 7-8, 3.93 in 25 starts, 135 innings, 79 walks and 131 strikeouts. So he doesn't have Brandon throwing much more than 5 innings a start.

CHONE has him as a reliever still: 4-3, 62 games, no starts, 62 innings, 32 walks and 60 strikeouts.

So take your guess. Give us starts, innings, ERA, record and whatever else you might want to tell us about the season Brandon is going to have. 

Update: I didn't mention that Morrow made 10 starts in the minors last year, for 55 innings, with a 3.60 ERA and a complete game. So that brings him up to 124.2 innings pitched last year. That might play into your prediction.