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Make your predictions: Brett Cecil

Our first round draft choice in 2007 out of the University of Maryland, Cecil was rushed to the majors. He was a reliever in Uni and only had 50 minor league starts to get make the transition from that to major league starter. But then we had a couple of dozen of injured starting pitchers so giving him a early look wasn't a bad idea. 

Brett had good and bad starts in his rookie year. His stats:

2009 - Brett Cecil 7-4 18 17 0 0 0 0 93.1 116 59 55 17 38 69 5.30 1.65

He also had 9 Triple-A starts for 49 innings, so he pitched 142.1 innings total total before he got shut down. I thought Cito left him in to get shelled a few times but maybe that's something that will help him out in the long run, though I'm not exactly sure how.....

His FIP was 5.37.  It would be nice if he could strike out a few more batters and walk a few less, but then the guy was just 22 last season. He had a .338 BABIP, so maybe was a little unlucky.

Bill James figures him to go 4-7, 4.87, 18 starts, 98 innings, 40 walks and 85 K.

CHONE guesses 6-7, 4.97, 24 starts, 116 innings, 48 walks and 88 K.

Personally I saw a lot of things I like, but I'm not sure that he wouldn't be best served by more time in the minors. That said I think he can effective starter this year. He's got time to improve, he turns just 24 in early July. I'd guess him 25 starts, 8-10, 4.65, 160 innings, 55 walks, 125 K. But then if Dustin McGowan makes the rotation all bets are off.

Give us your guesses.