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Sunday Bantering: Back in the Frozen North

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Back home after a terrific vacation and wondering what all that white stuff is on the ground after 2 weeks of wearing shorts and sunscreen. I'll admit though that I never have to hear 'Sweet Caroline' again in my life as every singer on the cruise seemed to think that was a topical song choice. The entertainment on a cruise ship can leave some to be desired. If Vegas is where former pop stars go to die, cruise ships are where guys that didn't quite make the big time go to die. Oh well. Other than that it was a perfect holiday.

I see that the Jays didn't go into hibernation while I was gone. Hugo and you guys talked about the Brandon for Brandon trade. I loved watching League, a guy that throws that hard and has that much movement on every pitch is something special but getting what we hope will be a starting pitchers for a middle reliever and a prospect that's still in A-ball is a good thing.

To me there is still that one hole in right field that I'd like the team to fill. Not that I would be totally against a Lind/Wells/Snider outfield, not that it would be much defensively, but it would leave room for Ruiz or Dopirak to DH. I don't think we saw enough of Snider in right to say he can't do the job, but apparently Cito has. I really would hate the idea of Jose Bautista playing RF and leading off everyday. The guy can't hit righties at all.

Personally if I'm am Anthopoulos I'd phone Cito and say 'What's this I see in the paper about you saying Bautista will lead off?'

"Yeah that's what I'm thinking"

"Could you save the crazy stuff for the reporters and be serious with me?"

"I am serious."

"Hey, remember when I said you would manage next year? I lied, you are fired."

I don't know, it seems stupid to make deals to stop your manager from doing really silly things, but if AA is serious about Cito managing all season, he's going to have to find someone to play right that his manager will use and that won't drive us fans around the bend. The one thing I am sure of is if Cito doesn't put Snider in the lineup everyday I will be very irritated with him.

On a different topic, there was an interesting story in the Star, while I was gone, about Raul Mondesi's political career. Raul as you might remember wasn't exactly the brightest player back when he was a Jay, but he did manage to make a lot of money off the team. I like this line about entertainers and former ball players running for office in the Dominican Republic:

And here's the plus for the parties and their nominees: The candidates aren't required to actually articulate, or even understand, the issues. All they have to do is vote the party line once elected.

Of course, the same could be said for some Canadian politicians....

And, as you saw in James Kannengieser's Fanpost, Edwin Encarnacion burned his face pretty badly in a fireworks accident on New Years in the Dominican. He is in hospital in Miami and apparently will be fine by the start of spring training. 

Anyway, I have roughly 75 loads of laundry to get through today and still have Christmas stuff to put away. Yeah...good to be home. Hmmmmm....