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Cito Rant...first of the year.

Ranting at the world seems to be a blogging mainstay. Sometimes it seems like that's all bloggers do but it gets boring after a bit, and with sports blogs you start ranting at the minor things (damn Jays signed Brian Bacock, what the #### is wrong with them). Then the rants have to get bigger and the language worse to get the same bang for the buck. We'd rather stay away from that....

And then Cito speaks. 

I know I shouldn't let it bother me but does he get paid extra to say stupid things anytime a microphone is pointed towards him? Isn't it enough that we are afraid of the Jays signing Johnny Damon because we know it will mean Travis Snider won't play. Why? Because Cito has a fascination with a guy with a lifetime .238 BA. Since Bautista has the ability not to ever swing the bat against RHP we need him as a lead off hitter. And, of course, we have made the decision that Snider can't play RF. I don't know how that decision was made, but it is made and we can't rethink it.

Among the things Cito said at the State of the Team night:

  • The Jays will do some 'crazy things' to score runs. By crazy he means bunt, hit and run and steal bases. Now you know you are dealing with a pretty inert manager when those are considered crazy stuff.
  • In the next breath we are told we have 7 guys that could hit 25 home runs this year, I'll leave it to you to figure which 7 those are.
  • Cito confused Casey Janssen with Jeremy Accardo, which is one of those things I'd normally let slip by, everyone make mistakes, but it seems like a symptom of the problem with Cito. He doesn't really know all his players. He knows the ones he likes.  Or maybe he likes the ones he knows. The rest just don't interest him.
  • And he wants Carlos Delgado. Now this one I mind less, but really 1B/DH is the lest of our troubles. And I have doubts Carlos could play first. But then if he only takes at bats away from Randy Ruiz, I'd be in the 'who cares' club. Now if he were to take at bats away from Snider and Lind, then I'd care.

Cito just isn't the manager we need right now, but he's the one we've got. I hope he'll prove me wrong and teach me things I don't know about baseball this year, but I doubt it.