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Saturday Night Laugh at the Expense of Yankees Fans

So, every fan of the other 29 teams (though perhaps unjustified for Red Sox fans) gets to laugh and scorn the sense of entitlement displayed by Yankees fans, but it's not every day you get such an incredible example of it, as you do in this guy, who is so angry about the Yankees' offseason moves he has decided to cancel his season ticket plan:

As long as I have been a Yankee fan, I have always had the belief that the Yankees would do their best to put the best possible team on the field to attempt to win a championship. After an amazing season in which the Yankees brought the trophy back home, sadly it seems they have lost their focus on winning another championship this year. 

Wow, that was quick.  Guess the rosy glow of the championship has faded.  Well, have at it, angry Yankee fan!  Let's have the airing of the grievances!

The list of transgressions includes bringing in players who have already proven they are [in]capable of succeeding in ny (Nick Johnson and Javier Vasquez), destroying the farm system that was finally being built back up to aquire [sic] older players who have had mediocre careers (Granderson) and today the signing of Winn in order to save some money instead of bringing back one of the most productive players as well as a great teammate, Johnny Damon was the final straw.

Want to know how Nick Johnson proved how he can't succeed in NY?  He hit .284/.422/.472 for a fantastic 138 OPS+ in his final season there.  Sign me up for that kind of failure anytime.  And Javier Vasquez had one-half a bad season in New York, after a very good half-season there.  He was traded for Randy Johnson, so, maybe what the Yankees were getting had more to do with the trade than Vasquez' incapability of succeeding?  And somehow the Yankees got him for Melky Freaking Cabrera, and this guy is complaining?  Wow.  As for Granderson, the Yankees gave up a situational lefty (Phil Coke), an outfield prospect (Austin Jackson) who has a good bat but only hit 4 home runs last season, and an starter who barely pitched last season and who has marginal stuff and an overdeveloped opinion of himself (Ian Kennedy) for a solid defensive centerfielder in his prime who has a career .828 OPS playing at a pitchers' park.  There's little doubt that the Yankees bought low on Granderson, who had a subpar year last year (mostly due to an uncharacteristically low BABIP) but fantastic seasons in 2007 and 2008 and was still a 3 1/2 win player even in a down year. 

As for the Damon thing, I wouldn't be thrilled to see my team replace Damon with Winn either, but it wasn't as though they didn't try to resign Damon and, anyway, is it really a firing offense? 

Then, this:

...I've always found a way to get ticket packages because of the entertaining product the Yankees put on the field, but also because I knew that the Yankees would do what was in their power to put a championship caliber team on the field. Even in 2008, when I knew the team was rebuilding, I bought a plan because I knew they were making a sacrifice to improve their chances the following year.

This offseason has not instilled this same confidence, so I regretfully must inform you that I am cancelling my ticket plan. I am no longer a ticket package holder for the Yankees, but I remain what I [sic] will always be, I lifelong Yankee fan.

Yes, this long-suffering Yankees fan even stuck it out for the "rebuilding year" of 2008 where the team only won 89 games and had a $209 million dollar payroll, scrimping and saving in order to ensure a better day for next year's team. 

Now, I hate to make fun of this guy (ok, as you can tell, this is false), and it has nothing to do with the fact that most of his statements are just plain ridiculous and outright wrong.  No, it's the overdeveloped sense of entitlement we've all come to recognize in Yankees fans, the idea that they have the right to every single player in the league they want.  Even if everything he said were true, your team just won the world series!  Just kick back and enjoy yourself, dude. 

They say youth is wasted on the young?  The Yankees are wasted on Yankees fans.  </rant>