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Who Could Be Put on Our Prospect List? The Rest.

Finally finishing up our look at players that could go on our prospects list, we'll look at guys that weren't in any of the other parts. Ones that were drafted this year and didn't make it on to any of our minor league teams or ones we've picked up recently or guys I'd just missed before now. If you want to look back at the earlier parts, we looked at the guys that were on the list last year: 1-1011-20 and 21-30. Then we looked at players that could make the list from our teams in Las Vegas or New HampshireDunedinLansingAuburn and the GCL Jays.

Chad Jenkins: Our first round pick this past year. He was 8-1 with a 2.54 ERA for Kennesaw State. 6'4", right handed and and throws hard. Just turned 22 and likely will move quickly our system.

Jake Marisnick: Our fifth draft pick this year, from the 3rd round and of course of our first 5 picks, he and Jenkins were the only two we signed. A CFer signed out of high school, 6'3", ha speed, power, a good arm, all the right stuff.  He'll be 19 in March.

K.C. Hobson:  Son of former Red Sox Butch Hobson, picked up in the 6th round. A great left handed hitting prospect, no speed at all and likely to be limited to playing first, but could become very powerful batter.

Aaron Loup: Our 9th round, a 5'11", 22 year old, left handed pitcher, drafted out of Tulane University. He did pitch 16.1 innings for the Gulf Coast Jays in Rookie League and struck out 19. At Tulane he made 8 starts, 9 relieve appearances with a 5.93 ERA, 61 K in 57.2, with 9 walks.

Brian Slover:  8th round draft pick this year, 21, 6'3" right handed pitcher. He pitched 11 innings for the Gulf Coast Jays, striking out 12. He was a closer for Cal State.  

Our other top 2009 draft picks were covered in earlier posts.

The three players picked up in the Halladay trade were profiled by Hugo recently; you can read the posts by clicking on their names, DrabekD'Arnaud and Wallace. Others picked up recently:

Zechry Zinicola: not sure if we ought to consider him a prospect, since he was a rule 5 draft pick up, he has to stay up with the Jays or be offered back the Nationals. He hasn't had great numbers in the minors, but the Jays see something in him.

Jarrett Hoffpauir: Hoffpauir was claimed off waivers from the Cardinals after the season. He'll be 27 next year. I'm not sure you could call a prospect at that age but he did have a good season in Triple-A Memphis last year. He hit .291/.357/.486 with 14 homers playing second base. He's never shown that much power before. I wouldn't consider him so much a prospect as a good backup plan in case someone were to get injured.

Mike McCoy: Picked up off waivers from the Rockies. Again old at 29 next season to be considered a prospect but had a good year last year in Triple-A hitting .307/.405/.400 with 40 steals. His best minor league season ever, he has never stolen more than 30 bases in a season before and never had a full season with a .400 OBP before. He played short, third and second as well as all 3 outfield positions.  I wouldn't really call him a prospect but I'd have been happy had the Jays tried him at short this season.

Robert Bell: Missed him when we looked at the Dunedin Jays. He was picked in the 18th round of the 2008. He had a terrific season in Dunedin, pitching in 42 games, starting 10, striking out 112 in 96.1 innings. He only gave up 66 hits and 22 walks. A big (6'4") right hander, he will be 24 next year so will have to move up some next year, but his numbers say he could.

Jose Vargas: A left handed pitcher that has pitched for the Jay's Dominican Summer League team for the past three years. He will be 19 next year, in 3 Dominican seasons he has a 2.46 ERA in 42 games, 25 starts. In 171.2 innings he struck out 149 and walked 44, allowing only 2 homers. Would really like to see him pitch against better competition before guessing he ought to be on the prospects list, but we'll likely get to see that next year.

Joel Carreno: I missed out on Joel when I looked at the players in Lansing but he deserves consideration. He started 14 games between Auburn and Lansing, throwing 90.2 innings, striking out 74, walking 32 with a 3.28 ERA. In 4 minor league seasons he has a 2.72 ERA with 8.8 K/9. A right hander from the Dominican, he'll be 22 next year. 

I think that's everyone that could possibly end up on our list, we'll spend the next week or two arguing about who belongs and the order.