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Wednesday Banterings: More Signings, Not by the Jays

Everyone's favorite former Jay Eric Hinske signed with the Braves yesterday, so I guess the Braves will be printing those World Series tickets any moment know. Hinske has played in the World Series the last 3 years with 3 different teams. I'd imagine that hasn't happened before.

The Cardinals signed Matt Holliday for 7 years plus a vesting option for an 8th year. The vesting option is strange, he gets $17 million for 2017 if he is in the top ten in the MVP voting in 2016, with a $1 million buy out. He gets $17 million a year from 2110 to 2116, plus at least that $1 million buy out so he is guaranteed $120 million. He will be 36 in 2016.

I don't know how much month the Cardinals have left to sign Albert Pujols, you'd have to think the Cards wouldn't pay this much for Holliday if it meant they wouldn't have enough money for Pujols.

So Bay is getting $66 million for 4 year ($16.5 million a year) plus a vesting option, Bay is 31 now. Holliday is getting $17 million for 7 plus a vesting option, Holliday will be 31 in 9 days. Which contract do you think will work out best for their team?