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Tom Cheek first in Ford Frick fan balloting

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Tom Cheek easily beat all others in the fan balloting for the Ford Frick award. Unfortunately all that does is put him on the ballot again.

King got 4,758 votes in the online balloting, behind only Tom Cheek (11,661). Cheek was in the booth for 31 years, calling games for the Montreal Expos and Toronto Blue Jays, the last 28 with Toronto. Another Canadian, Jacques Doucet, finished third in the voting with 2,715 votes.

Cheek lapped the pack, once again, I'm hoping this time it sways the voters and gets him into the Hall but it didn't the last couple of years. There are a lot of worthy names under consideration, they should really elect more than one a year for awhile to get over the backlog. This year should be Tom's though.

Come on voters, the people have spoken, again.