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Happy Thanksgiving

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It is Thanksgiving day, at least for those of us in Canada. I think Americans are luckier having Thanksgiving at the end of November is it starts the Christmas shopping season later. The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year. It is like a shotgun start to Christmas shopping. Here people start asking me 'have you done your Christmas shopping yet?' by the middle of October. Which is really just a way for them to segue into bragging that they finished their's back in September. It seems like I know a lot of people that should be in mental hospitals. For anyone thinking of asking that question before December 22, the answer is no I haven't finished my shopping and no I'm not interested in a story of how you did all your's back in the summer. 

I am again thankful for my family. I'm Thankful that my oldest boy is home from University for the weekend. It is always great to have him close again, so I can marvel at what a great young man he has become. I am also thankful for my other two boys who also make me proud on a daily bases. If you made a list of the things I have done right in my life, it might not be a very long list but at the top would be those three boys. And, course, I am thankful that my wife hasn't figured out she is too good for me yet. You'd think she would have by now. 

I am thankful for baseball. It brings a lot of joy to my life.

On a unrelated note, If you missed last night's Simpson's, you really missed out. Who figured Bill James would ever be on the Simpsons. If you did miss it, Lisa uses Sabermetrics to lead Bart's baseball team to the top of the league. Best line ever, Bill James saying "I made baseball as fun as doing your taxes."

I'm thankful that the Jays had a good season and that there is a general feeling of optimism about the team again. We have been lucky enough to watch some great performances this year.  

I'm thankful that I've been able to get to some games in the last year and see some parts of the world I haven't seen before. I'm thankful I've had good friends to go with. And that we've been able to meet up with other friends from the site on the trips.

I'm thankful to get to play in this little sandbox. There are great toys. I'm also thankful to share it with Hugo, Jesse and Johnny. Couldn't have better friends to play with.

I'm very thankful for all you that visit the site. I'm thankful for all the comments.I've always said the best part of the site was the comments. I learn stuff every day. I'm thankful for all of you that take the time to put up fanposts and fanshots. This place is so much more fun with with all your participation. I'm thankful for the emails I get, even the ones that start 'Tom your a moron'. 

I'm thankful for the friends I've made through this. 

I seem to have an endless list of things to be thankful for, I am a lucky man. I'm thankful for that too. 

Let us know what makes you thankful.