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A year ago today on Bluebird Banter: The Twins Way

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I was going to write about how the Twins, doing things the 'right way' really didn't help them, but I see I wrote that post last year. Another year, another quick exit at the hands of the Yankees.

In the year since, nothing has changed. The media sees that the Twins made the playoffs again and they know nothing about them, so they decide that they must be doing the 'fundamentals' right, the Jays should play that way. In reality, they are lucky enough to play in the AL Central. If they played in the East they'd be missing the playoffs just like us.

Anyway I wrote it last year and it relates just as well today.

As well as the post, it is fun to note that Johnny was drunk in the comment thread. Seems to be a reoccurring theme. And he cheers for his 4000th comment. I'll note that he is up over 18,000 comments now. It has been a good year.