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Happy Birthday Garth Iorg

Garth Iorg turns 56 today. He played with the Jays from 1978 to 1987.

Garth was part of a platoon at third with Rance Mullinks for most of his time with the Jays. Bobby Cox ran platoons at third, catcher and DH. Platooning is something that has pretty much gone by the wayside, over the last few years, as teams use larger pitching staffs, allowing managers only 3 or 4 extra fielders. Garth never had that much of a bat but did get on our list of Top 50 Jays, coming in at number 49.

Iorg had been a manager in the Brewer's system and is now a roving infield instructor for them. He had three sons that were drafted by major league teams and Cale played at Triple-A for the Tigers last year.

Happy Birthday Garth. Hope you have a good one.