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ALDS and NLDS Recap

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Taking a look back at our ALDS and NLDS predictions, the winners were:

Yankees in 3

Rangers in 5

Phillies in 3 

Giants in 4

I got 3 of 4, which is ok since I can't pick the Yankees for anything. I'm going with the Rangers.

JaysSaskatchewan got all four winners right and had the number of games right except for the Yankee/Twin series in which he thought would go to 4. Good job. 

jay_tee_slash and jaysfanfromeurope also got the winner in all 4 series but were a little further off on the number of games.

Most of us picked the Rays

How did the former Jays do?


Michael Young: 3 for 20, but one of those 3 hits was a home run.


I don't think the Rays had any former Jays, that's why they didn't win.


A.J. Burnett didn't pitch. Apparently they plan on using him to start game 4 of the ALCS. We'll see, if they lose two of the first three, I bet they will use the others on short rest.


Orlando Hudson: 4 for 12, HR, 2 runs, 2 RBI.


Roy Halladay: know. No-hitter in game one. 

Jayson Werth: 2 for 12, 2 runs, 1 RBI. 1 walk.


Scott Rolen: 1 for 11, with 8 K. And 2 errors in the field. He had an awful series. 

Joey Votto: 1 for 10. Not a former Jay but a Canadian, so had to list him.


Alex Gonzalez: 3 for 15, .200, double, run, 2 RBI. Gonzalez also made 2 errors. 

Troy Glaus: 0 for 4. But started a terrific double play with the tying run at third to save the game they won. 

Eric Hinske: 1 or 3, big HR, 2 RBI.

And course Bobby Cox didn't have the best series. 


I don't think there are any former Jays on the Giants.


Give us you guesses for the next round. Winners and number of games. I'm going with the Rangers in 6 and the Phillies in 5