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Tuesday Bantering: The Manager Carousel

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Good morning. I'm back from a couple of days away from the computer. I took some time away from it for a few reasons: I wanted to spend some time with my parents. My folks go to Arizona for the winter and are leaving in about a week for this year's trip. I didn't spend enough time with them this summer, so I wanted a bit of time. Also I wanted to prove to myself that I could stay off the computer for a bit. Yes, I'm addicted. I think it is a good idea to do without the things you are addicted to once in a while. Course I did cheat a bit, replying to emails on the blackberry a little.

And I was feeling slightly burnt out, not from this site but I've had a couple of weeks of being asked to write things for other places. With real life and things that actually pay and the usual family stuff filling all awaking hours, I didn't have enough time to do all the things I was being asked for and I just felt like I need to avoid it for a bit. Things look better after a weekend off.

Anyway...what did I miss this weekend?

The manager carousel is still spinning. It looks like Eric Wedge will be signed by the Mariners, so another name can come off our list. Also Rick Renteria signed with the Padres as bench coach. Apparently Tim Bogar is 'no longer a candidate' and Bobby Valentine doesn't figure he is in the running either.

Ken Rosenthal has mentioned a new name, one I hadn't heard, as a having a chance of getting the job: Sandy Alomar, Jr. Sandy, of course, is Roberto Alomar's brother and a former major league catcher with 7 different teams over a 20 year major league career. Sandy was the first base coach with the Mets in 2009 and a roving instructor with the Mets before that. I really don't see him getting the job, because he has never managed anywhere before. I don't think the majors is the place for on the job training. I don't think being first base coach for a year or two is enough on the resume.

ESPN Los Angeles has a story telling us why Tim Wallach wasn't allowed to talk to the Jays.

Richard Griffin talked to Phillies bench coach Pete Mackanin about the manager job. Pete says all the right things:

"No. 1, you don't call in my opinion, you can't really promote yourself," Mackanin said. "You hope that somebody thinks enough of you to have them put you on their list. In that regard, you just hope that your body of work makes an impression on somebody. That's all you can rely on."

That sounds a lot like the answer Brian Butterfield gave me, when I asked him about the Jay's job this summer. Speaking of Butterfield, Buster Olney twittered that the Jays 'might' pick him for the job. I'm hoping.

In non-manager type stuff:

Bruce Dowbiggin likes Gregg Zaun's work with Jamie Campbell between innings of the playoff games and thinks he should get a shot at a booth job. I'm not as thrilled with Zaun as he is, but if it mights less Rance, I'm all for it.

The Mets are interviewing Blue Jay "Special Assistant to the General Manager" Dana Brown for their GM job. I love the word Special in his job title on I'm sure his mom always said he was special. I'm not sure I'd wish that Met job on anyone, but good luck to him.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels asks the question would you rather have a manager that is an excellent clubhouse leader but a mediocre tactician or the other way around? Great question.

At, Jordan Bastian answers fans' questions, including 'would Halladay have pitched us into the playoffs'. Nah.

And there is still real baseball being played, if you forgot. Phillies and Giants are tied at a game each and play this afternoon at 4:00 Eastern. Hammels vs. Cain. It should be a good game.

The Rangers are up two games to one other the Yankees. It really should be 3-0, how you blow a 5 run lead, late in a playoff game, I have no idea. And Ron Washington is going to be Manager of the Year. Great game yesterday though. Always good to see the Yankees get thumped and their fans leave early.

Tonight at 8:00 ET it is Tommy Hunter against A.J. Burnett. Or that is what the Yankees are saying at the moment. I don't know, if it was me, I'd have to start CC Sabathia on short rest. Rangers only need to win 2 more games and they will have Cliff Lee pitching game 7. I think tonight is a must win for the Yankees and I wouldn't give AJ a must win game right now. AJ can't really have brought a lot of confidence to his teammates by hitting two of them in a simulated game.

Maybe we'll put up a poll.