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More on the Search for a New Manager

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Shi Davidi has twitted that Rob Thompson, Dave Martinez, Sal Fasano and Luis Rivera are all out of the running for the Jay's manager job. 

He also said that DeMarlo Hale and Sandy Alomar are still in the running. And that he believes that Butterfield and Roenicke and 'others' are still in the running. Also said that he thinks that Butterfield makes the most sense. 

I don't see Sandy Alomar, Jr at all. Not only has he not managed before anywhere but the closest he has come is first base coach. Not to insult first base coaches but that's about as far away from the manager spot as you can be in the coaching staff. Though there are more catchers that become managers than any other position on the field, but I can't see them giving the job to someone that hasn't managed before.