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Walk off losses are no fun.

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Blue Jays 4 Twins 5

We should have scored more. We had a lot of base runners. Jose Bautista was thrown out at the plate with one out in the first and Aaron Hill was thrown out at 3rd with no outs in the second, just before Edwin Encarnacion hit his fourth home in 3 days. We had 8 hits and 4 walks and used Twins starter Brian Duensing for batter practice, but didn't score enough. 

We still should have won. Kevin Gregg came into the 9th with 1 run lead. He gave up a double, fly out, popout, walk, walk and game winning single. It was just Kevin's 6th blown save, but he feels like more. 

Shawn Marcum pitched a very good game and deserved his 14th win. He went 7, gave up 5 hits, no walks and 4 k. He finishes the year 13-8 with a 3.63 ERA in 30 starts. 195.1 innings, just 43 walks and 165 saves strikeouts. He also made a terrific play on a soft grounder. If baseball did things right, he'd be a Gold Glove winner this year. Scott Downs pitched a perfect 8th, carefully deflecting an Orlando Hudson ground ball off his foot to Lyle Overbay for an out. Actually, it just hit him and bounced to Lyle. If that was his last appearance for us, it was a good one to remember him by.

Jays of the Day are Marcum (.190), EE (for the 3rd game in a row, .179) and Downs (.151). Suckage Jay? Gregg with a spectacular -.778 WPA.

Tomorrow the Jay's season ends with Marc Rzepczynski starting for the Jays. Nick Blackburn starts for the Twins. 2:00 start on, you guessed it, Sportsnet One.