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Happy Birthday Scott Schoeneweis

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Former Jay lefty reliever, Scott Schoeneweis, turned 37 today. 

Scott, you might remember, pitched for us in 2005 and 2006. He was great in 2005, pitching in 80 games (and we think Cito uses Shawn Camp a lot) and had a 3.32 ERA. But the stats one out type relievers are not really sustainable. 2006 didn't go as well for him, after 55 games he had a 6.51 ERA (who sends someone out 55 times with a 6.51 ERA?) and the Jays traded him to the Reds for a minor leaguer. 

In his 12 year career he has played for 7 teams, he got into 15 games with the Red Sox earlier this season but the 7.90 ERA likely will mean the end of his career, though you never know with lefties. 

Happy birthday Scott. Hope you had a good one.