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Open Thread for Manager Candidate Discussion: Part two.

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I am starting a new open thread to talk about the manager job because the old one was getting long and hard to navigate through. If you want to see all the discussion it is here.

There are lots of changes from the old list. Gone are Rob Thompson, Dave Martinez, Eric Wedge, Don Baylor, Sal Fasano, Tim Bogar, Bobby Valenine, Juan Samuel, Luis Rivera, Joey Cora, Rick Renteria and Tim Wallach. 

Added is Sandy Alomar, Jr. 

I have moved up the four that are rumored to be finalists but I didn't take everyone else off the list because rumors aren't always true. I'm thinking we won't know who the guy is until Alex makes the announcement. I'm still not expecting him to do that until after the World Series. 


1. Brian Butterfield: My favorite choice, he'd been with the team since 2002 and I'd like him to stay. Leo Durocher may have thought good guys finish last but that's not necessarily true. He might end up moving the Baltimore if he doesn't get the head job.

2. Sandy Alomar, Jr. Brother of Roberto. Former major league catcher, Indians' first base coach and Met roving catcher instructor. 

3. Demarlo Hale: Bench coach with the Red Sox

4.. John Farrell: Red Sox pitching coach.

5. Ryne Sandberg: Didn't get the Cub's job....still in play.

6. Ron Roenicke: Bench Coach for the Angels and Uncle of Josh Roenicke. Bob Elliot mentioned him as a possibility. 

7. Don Wakamatsu: Things didn't work out in Seattle, but then who could win with that team.

8. Pat Listach: Coach with the Nationals.

9. Nick Leyva: Cito's bench coach, seems like a good guy and he's been a manager before. Has said he'd like the job. I thought he was older than 57. 

10. Bob Melvin: Mets scout