In Regards to Yunel Escobar...

Hey guys, I write over on the Braves' SBN site and Yunel came across my mind the other day. I remember that he started well with you all (heck, half of Talking Chop's members were on suicide watch after the first Escobar HR.) and then forgot all about him.

So I check the always handy baseball-reference and see he put up a mediocre .275/.340/.356 line with you all, but he still continued to play his outstanding defense.

So here's my question for you: What do you think of Esco? He was always a love-hate guy in Atlanta, and there was certainly more hate than love in 2010. Is he your future shortstop, or is he playing on thin ice if he doesn't improve in the first half of 2011? Do you enjoy his, uh..."unique" style of play or do you find it frustrating? What do you see his role being on next year's team?

Thanks everyone.

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