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Congratulations to the Texas Rangers, AL Champions.

As my favorite teams are the Blue Jays and whoever is playing the Yankees, I'm really glad to see the Rangers take that series. I'm sorry to have missed yesterday's game. Things are working out really well for the Rangers, they will have Cliff Lee ready to go for game one of the World Series and he'll get an extra couple of days rest, always a good thing for an ace at this time of year. So congratulations to the Rangers and their fans, who are lucky to have one of the best blogs around to gather at, Lone Star Ball.

I'm sure it is because I just finished reading the new Steinbrenner biography, but I've been wondering, if George was alive and in full health, would he be firing Joe Girardi today? I'm almost sure that if George was running things, CC Sabathia would have started on short rest in game 4.

The bio was a good read, he was an interesting man. Able to be incredibly cruel to his employees and anyone he thought had done him wrong but also able to have moments of great charity, generally when no one was looking. A complex man.