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Congratulations San Francisco Giants NL Champs

That was a great series. I feel sorry for Doc but beyond that I didn't care too much who won the series. There was some great baseball and some lousy defense in that series.

Congratulations to the Giant and their fans at McCovey Chronicles.

So both series went 6 games. This would be where I'd tell you who had the best prediction for the LDS, but no one picked both the Giants and the Rangers. A few of us picked the Rangers (including me) and two (bleh and bradboys26) picked the Giants but no one picked both. Shows how smart we are.

For the World Series let's guess the winner, number of games and MVP.

I'm guessing Ranger in 6 and Cliff Lee as MVP. Then Lee can sign a contract giving him rights to all the oil in Texas.

Series starts Wednesday in San Fran. I'd image we'll see Lee and Lincecum in the first game. It should be great.

Let's add a poll.