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Place your bets: Which coaches will stay and which will go?

Since the Jays are likely to announce John Farrell as manager before the World Series starts (likely tomorrow) and, I would think, they will announce the coaching staff at the same time, I thought we'd take people's guesses on which coaches will stay and which will go. 

Just to remind you, our coaches this year were:

Dwayne Murphy: Batting Coach.

Bruce Walton: Pitching Coach. 

Omar Malave: First Base Coach.

Brian Butterfield: Third Base Coach.

Nick Leyva: Bench Coach.

Rick Langford: Bullpen Coach.

My guesses: 

Dwayne Murphy: He was the one guy that said he would be looking for a new job while the process of looking for a new manager was going on. I think the Jays would like to keep him, unless Farrell has someone he'd like for the role. I think he'll stay.

Omar Malave: Just a guess, but seemed like he was friends with Jose Bautista and course he speaks the language. I think he'll stay.

Brian Butterfield: the tough one. You just know he has a job offer from Baltimore and that it would be hard not to go work with his friend. There are lots of rumors that he's had job offers from Boston and he is from that area. I'm sure there would be other offers. But he really does like Toronto. I think he's excited with the direction of the team. I think, with Farrell, he'll get more respect. Alex has said he is the best third base coach in baseball and he's right. He's great with the infielders. I think the Jays will do whatever they need to do to keep him. And I think he'd like to spent a year with the new coach to see how things go, it isn't like he wouldn't have job offers next year, if he decided to leave then. I think he'll stay.

Nick Leyva: I think he is a great guy and a good baseball man. But I also think bench coach is a role for a friend of the manager. I don't see him being back.

Rick Langford: Another really good guy. Total wild guess, he leaves, not having a trouble finding a new job. 


Walton: Farrell, being a pitching coach himself might have ideas of who he'd like, but Walton did a terrific job this year. I think he stays but then wouldn't be surprised to be wrong.