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Poll Time: What is your second favorite sport?

SB Nation's Jon Bois thinks baseball fans should 'embrace the NBA'. While I have had moments of being a Boston Celtic fan, basketball on TV leaves me cold. I just can't get into it. If the game is close the last 5 minutes takes 3 hours. If it isn't close, it takes 2 hours but then why watch the end of a blow out. Watching basketball live is a totally different thing for me. It is exciting, I could really get into it, but since the NBA doesn't come anywhere close to my little outpost at the edge of civilization, I don't really follow it.

NFL? I can watch the games on TV. I could likely name the quarterbacks on half the teams, maybe more. I know who some of the players are. I don't have a favorite team. I used to cheer for whoever Jeff Garcia played for, because he threw me a pass once. I get tired of hearing about Brett Farve and sometimes wonder why there aren't any other NFL players that the media could talk about on occasion.

CFL? I had season tickets for the Stampeders for a few years, my oldest boy and I would go. It was fun, I enjoy how wide open the game is. I gave up the tickets after a particularly bad year for fighting in the stands. I took my youngest to a few of the games, that last year, and having fights break out all around wasn't good. It seemed like the reason for most of the people to go to the games was to get drunk. Not the place to take a young child. Since the biggest reason to go was to bond with a child, it didn't seem like I should be keeping up the tickets.

NHL? I can watch the games. I kind of follow my Flames, but I hate the way they are running the team at the moment. I was a Habs fan when I was young and still can cheer for them a bit. I go to a couple of games a year.

Soccer? I keep a bit of a watch on the EPL. Newcastle is where my dad is from so since United was about all I knew about Newcastle, I have cheered for them forever. I pay some attention to the World Cup, when it comes around, at least until England is eliminated.

Other sports? MMA: I could watch until we got HD, now it is just to damn ugly to watch. Boxing: at one time I followed it a little but now I couldn't name a current boxer. Tennis: boring (sorry). NASCAR: cars go around and around and around. Sometimes they crash. No interest. Golf: I kind of cheer for the lefty golfers, because I am one, but it is too boring to watch. For a while there my friend and I golfed a lot but I haven't played a round in a few years. Maybe soon I'll be old enough for it. I do play racquet ball a fair bit.

Anyway, let us know what is your second favorite sport.