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Poll Time: Who are you cheering for in the NL Playoffs.

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Some exciting baseball on the last day of the season in the NL. I was hoping the Padres would win, just because I think 1 game playoffs are fun and since a San Diego win would set up two 1 game playoffs, I was cheering for that.

I thought I'd look through the teams to look for former Blue Jays or Canadians on any of the four NL playoff bound teams.

San Francisco Giants: No Jays or Canadians that I can find. Reliever Guillermo Mota was an Expo for 3 seasons. Former Beach Boy Brian Wilson (with the ugliest dyed beard) is their closer.

Cincinnati Reds: Scott Rolen and Canadian Joey Votto are important parts of the team.

Atlanta Braves: Manager Bobby Cox was manager here, long ago. Troy Glaus, Alex Gonzalez and good luck charm Eric Hinske were all Jays.

Philadelphia Phillies: Jayson Werth was a Jay. John Mayberry's father, John Mayberry was a Jay. I'm sure you have all forgotten but Roy Halladay was a Jay for a few seasons too. He didn't make much of an impression here. Catcher Brian Schneider was an Expo.

Let me know who I've missed.