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Saturday Bantering: Links

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Spending a quiet Saturday trying to bring the house up from 'National Disaster' status to just it's usual 'pig sty' status. Also carved a pumpkin. 

Some Links:

Bob Elliot in the Sun writes about John Farrell, in the usual one sentence paragraphs. 

Mike Dennis takes on the same subject at He gets to use the odd 3 or 4 sentence paragraphs. 

Dave Perkins in the Star thinks its been a good week for the Blue Jays.

Baseball Prospectus gives it's thoughts on what the Jays should do this offseason. I would like them to sign one quality bat. A player that worked the count and could get on base. Orlando Hudson is an interesting idea, if We are thinking of moving Hill to third.

The Southpaw looks at free agent reliever options. I'm not a big fan of spending a lot of money on relievers, but there are a lot of guys out there, could likely get someone cheap.

Ghostrunner on First compares Ricky Romero to Cliff Lee or at least compares their first two seasons. Ricky compares well. 

The White Sox would like to trade Carlos Quentin for Colby Rasmus. Cardinal's response should be 'Ha'. 

Bruce Dowbiggin reminds us how lucky we are that Sportsnet choose MLB's international feed over Fox Sports coverage of the World Series. I thank Sportsnet too, Tim McCarver grates on me.

The NY Times thinks that ESPN might boot Jon Miller and/or Joe Morgan from Sunday Night Baseball. I don't mind Miller but Morgan is tough to listen to. 

And, in case you missed it, Joe Girardi signed for three more years as manager of the Yankees. He's got a lot of guys growing old on that team.