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Who would you rather have on the Jays? Manny or Pappy?

Scott Carson's column on talks about how John Farrell impressed everyone at his press conference and then goes on to discuss Manny Ramirez wish to play for Farrell and the Jays. Carson then suggested that instead of going after Manny the Jays should look at David Ortiz, if the Red Sox don't pick up his option.

I can't imagine the Sox wouldn't pick up his option unless they figure they could sign him cheaper if they decline the option. If he isn't worth $12.5 million to them, when they don't seem to have another obvious choice at DH, what would he be worth to us?

Carson likes Ortiz better because he is 3 years younger (2 and a half really), he's clutch, he put up good numbers despite not hitting in April, and Manny had a 'forgettable season' this past year.

I don't know, I think Ortiz had a forgettable season in 2009, hitting .238/.332/.462 but was better last year, .270/.370/.529. Manny hit .290/.418/.531 in 2009 and .298/.409/.460 in 2010.

I don't think the age difference is a big deal, considering Ortiz isn't exactly in great shape. I don't think Manny is any closer to being done than Ortiz is. If we are gambling on one of them giving us a good season I'd pick Manny. Both of them are willing to take a walk, which wouldn't be a bad thing to show our guys. I guess Ortiz being a LHB would fit nice between Wells and Bautista.

Anyway, let's have a poll. All things being equal, say you could sign either one to a one year plus club option for $7 million per, which would you sign?