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Best 11 Games of the Blue Jay Season.

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So I spent far too long going thru the Jays season, looking for my 10 favorite games. The initial list was 33 games long. So after a lot of weeding out I got down to 11 and can't bring myself to take out anymore. It was tough enough getting down to that. 

The countdown:

11. John Buck Hits 3 Home Runs. April 29. Jays 6 A's 3.

This game ended a 5 game losing streak. John Buck reportedly spent some time with Cito and Dwayne Murphy during batting practice working on his swing. It seemed to pay off. Travis Snider also had a good day with a homer and a double. The Game Recap is here.

10. Ricky Romero Takes a No-Hitter Into the 8th. April 13.. Jays 4 White Sox 2

Romero goes 8 innings allowing 1 hit, getting 12 strikeouts and 10 ground outs. The one hit was an Alex Rios homer. The Recap is here.

9. J.P. Arencibia hits 2 Home Runs in First Major League game. August 7. Jays 18 Rays 11.

Not only did he hit a home run in his first at bat but on the first pitch he saw. He finished the day with 2 home runs, a double and 3 RBI. Aaron Hill also got 2 HR. Lind, EE, Bautista and Overbay each had one. Recap is here.

8. You Wouldn't Like Jose Bautista When he is Mad. August 23. Jays 3 Yankees 2.

Jose Bautista hits 2 home runs. You likely remember, Yankees starter Ivan Nova came inside on Bautista, Jose was less than pleased and the benches cleared. Then when he came to bat in the 8th, he took David Robinson deep. He stared a dagger thru Robinson and flipped the bat and enjoyed his home run trot. Brandon Morrow pitched a good game, Scott Downs got the win. Recap is here

7. Jose Bautista Sets New Team Record with his 48th Home Run. September 17. Jays 11 Red Sox 9.

Maybe this one makes the list because I was at the game, but Jose just crushed it. Beyond that it was fun watching the Jays pound on Red Sox pitcher John Lackey. The game ended up closer than it should have been, the Sox scored from the 6th inning on. I enjoyed the win, surrounded by drunk Red Sox fans. Recap is here.

6. John McDonald Homers in his First At Bat After his Father's Death. June 20. Giants 9 Jays 6.

The only loss on my list. As Vernon Wells said, somethings are more important than winning:

"It kind of puts everything in perspective on whether you had a good day or a bad day at the plate or in the field," commented Jays' outfielder Vernon Wells on the home run by McDonald, who lost his father earlier in the week after a battle with cancer. "Wins and losses don't really matter at that point. That was one of the most special moments I've gotten to see in this game and it couldn't happen to a better person."

5. Jays Score 5 in the 11th, Beat the Yankees. July 2. Jays 6 Yankees 1 in 11 innings. 

We had lost our last 5, including 4 against the Indians. We weren't hitting at all and coming into the 8th we were down 1-0. Aaron Hill tied it with a single in the 8th. Then in the 11th we load the bases and Alex Gonzalez drives home the winning run. A Wells bases loaded walk and a Dewayne Wise triple later and we win by 5. Other unusual happenings: we stole two bases and Cito got ejected. Recap here. 

4. Shaun Marcum Throws a 1 hitter. August 16. Jays 3 A's 1.

Complete game 1 hitter, unfortunately it was a home run in the 7th inning. Bautista and EE each had homers for us. Recap here

3. Jose Bautista Hits 50th Homer. September 23. Jays 1 Mariners 0.

Felix Hernandez pitches a 1 hitter against us and we win. The one hit was a first inning Bautista HR. Shawn Hill and 4 relievers pitched a shut out. J.P. Arencibia caught the game, hopefully putting to rest the idea he can't call a game. Recap here

2. Cito Gaston Appreciation Day. September 29. Jays 8 Yankees 4.

A great pregame Ceremony for Cito then a great win for the Jays. Travis Snider lead off with a home run. John Buck (number 20) and Aaron Hill each had one. Brett Cecil pitched a good game and Kevin Gregg came into the game in the 9th with 2 on and no outs and got 3 quick outs. Game Recap here

1. Brandon Morrow One Hitter. August 8. Jays 1 Rays 0.

Just an amazing performance by Morrow. 17 strikeouts. Just 2 walks. Aaron Hill came so close to making the play on the single with 2 out in the 9th. Vernon Wells made a great catch at the wall. Jose Molina stole a base too! Recap is here

There are several other great choices. EE had a 3 home run game in Arizona.  The final weekend game against the Twins when Edwin and Jose each went deep twice and Travis hit one too. Escobar's first game with us. The game he made that amazing behind the back flip. Any game that we beat the Yankees or the Red Sox. 

Let us know your favorite Jays game of the season.