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"I'm strangely comfortable with it" - Weighing in on the Halladay issue within Jays Fandom

Just days after Halladay threw one of the most dominant pitching performances in playoff history there are a lot of Jays fans out there that are still unsure or even conflicted about how they feel about the whole ordeal. It all seems to boil down to a question on whether or not there is a certain obligation to cheer on Roy and the Phillies because of the connection with the Jays.

On one side of the debate there are the people that are cheering for Halladay through thick and thin. Regardless of what uniform he is wearing they are going to be cheering for him. Whether it is because they are a big fan of Halladay himself or perhaps they feel loyalty because he spent so many years with the organization it doesn't really matter. I even remember having one or two conversations with people that said that even if it was Philly vs Toronto in the world series they would cheer for Roy over the Jays. I have heard a couple of different things from this types of fans, some believe that if Halladay wins it all with Philly he will re-sign back in Toronto once the time comes or that if he wins it the once that will be all that matters and they won't cheer for him anymore. I think this may be wishful thinking but that's just my opinion, I certainly would love it to see Halladay come back.

One of the arguments from the cheering Halladay camp (and I know this isn't the opinion of everyone from that side) is that all Jays fans should be cheering the Phillies and the Halladay and they just don't understand how any actual Jays fans could not. That with all of the years Halladay gave this organization and how he was gracious in his departure that there is no reason to hate him.

On the other side of the coin, we have people who are sadden, angry or indifferent to the success that Halladay has found this year in the National League. There are a variety of reasons for this as well, whether it be that they don't want to see anyone except the Jays succeed, or they would rather seen the player win while here. The main argument from this camp is usually pointing out the fact that they are a Jays fan first, meaning the logo on the front of jersey and not the name on the back. That isn't to say to you can't have favorite players, but if your favorite player is playing against your favorite team, the team wins out every time.

Everything that I have heard, discussed and read about this debate over the last couple of days has really left a bad taste in my mouth. It really depresses me that so much chaos can come out such an amazing game. My opinion at the time and it really hasn't changed was that it was bittersweet. On one hand it was amazing and one of the best pitching performances I had the pleasure of watching especially in such a high pressure situation, and then on the other hand I am definitely not a fan of the Phillies (residual hate left over from 93, yes I know, I can hold onto things for too long).Ultimately though I was happy to see Doc get the win and notch another vote into his future Hall of Fame Ballot.

While I may not share the enthusiasm as some of my counterparts in cheering Halladay, I have no issue with it. If a Jays fan wants to cheer for the Phillies, Halladay or heck even the Yankees in the absence of the Jays in the playoffs that is their own business and I am sure they have their reasons. But I do take issue with one group of fans trying to push their ideas on another, if you want to cheer go ahead, but do not go telling everyone that they "should" be cheering for Halladay as well, that isn't cool. Conversely people that aren't cheering for Halladay shouldn't be walking around telling people to be Jays fans and stop cheering for a Phillie. Does it make sense to root for Halladay? Sure why not, makes just as much sense as anything else. But these are fans we are talking about, short for fanatics... logic is checked at the door when you become a fan.

I don't want to come across as preachy, and I probably have rambled on for a bit too long already. I just wanted to point out that firstly, maybe we should all take a deep breathe, step back and look at the big picture. Try to see the point of view from the otherside and please for the sake of everyone and everything lets try to avoid telling people how they "should" act. Secondly, do not confuse not cheering for Halladay or the Phillies in the playoffs with "hating" Halladay.

Let's keep it Civil.

The title is a quote from The Boondock Saints.