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The Fielding Bible Awards

The Fielding Bible has announced their winners for best fielders in the majors. No Blue Jays among them, likely deservedly, thought I'd argue for Shaun Marcum. I have a hard time believing any pitcher could be better defensively than he is. 

The voting is done by ten 'experts', who each list ten players, in order, on their ballot. The totals are here.  Some Jays did get votes. Lyle Overbay was 8th among third first basemen. I think I'd have him a bit higher. Aaron Hill was also 8th at second base. Yunel Escobar came in fourth in the voting at short. Travis Snider even picked up 3 points, which likely says more about the players at the position than it says about Travis, not that I think he is bad at the position. Shawn Marcum came in 16th in the voting among pitchers. 

There are a lot of interesting bits on their site, including a comparison of Derek Jeter and Adam Everett's defense, from a past Fielding Bible, by Bill James. And this chart showing the Bunt Defense of different first basemen. Lyle gets near the worst mark of any first basemen, at a D.