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Jay Minor League Free Agents

Here is the list of our minor leaguers that are now free agents:

Toronto Blue Jays (17)
RHP: Lance Broadway (AAA), Clint Everts (AA), Dirk Hayhurst (AAA), Steven Register (AAA), Merkin Valdez (AAA)
LHP: Willie Collazo (AAA), Zach Jackson (AAA)
C: Raul Chavez (AAA), Jonathan Jaspe (AA)
3B: Shawn Bowman (AA)
SS: Manny Mayorson (AAA), Jesus Merchan (AAA)
OF: Jason Lane (AAA), Chris Lubanski (AAA), Ricardo Nanita (AA), Welinton Ramirez (Hi A), Aaron Mathews (AAA)

The name that sticks out there is Dirk Hayhurst, we would miss him, but then he might have an easier time getting to the majors with another team. I don't know if he is 100% recovered.

The other couple of interesting names are Shawn Bowman and Jonathan Jaspe. Bowman joined the organization this year and started out the season great. For a few minutes he was the Great Canadian Hope for future 3B but he tailed off some. Still 22 home runs at New Hampshire isn't all that bad. Jaspe is a pretty decent catcher, but we are up to our armpits in catching prospects.

I'd kind of like Raul Chavez to stay in the organization. He could become a coach in the future. Lane, Lubanski and Mathews are good Triple-A outfielders, the sort of players that could fill in if there were injuries at the major league level and not look too out of place.

Of course, any of them could be resigned by the Jays.