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Wednesday Bantering

Some quick bits, mostly cause I can't focus on anything longer today.

  • With Alex Anthopoulos apologizing to Jeff Blair saying he was late for an interview because he had to 'get a signing done', does anyone else think that AA has signed Manny but can't announce it until after the White Sox officially decline offering him arbitration?
  • Jeremy Sandler thinks that if the Jays do sign Ramirez  it will end badly. Other than everything ends badly, that's life, but how can someone that has been to the playoffs 11 times, be all that bad? I also don't understand how a year where a guy gets on base 40% of the time can be called bad.
  • As mentioned in a thread yesterday, the Jays released Shawn Hill. I'd imagine that Hill asked for his release, but it is too bad, I thought he'd be in the mix for the 5th starter spot at least to start the season. His release leaves us with 32 players on the 40-man roster, 20 of them are pitchers, only 12 bats. 
  • Later today the BBWAA will let us know who they voted as the AL and NL Manager of the Year. A guess? They give the AL Award to Derek Jeter
  • Meet the new writer for
  • The GM meetings are over and the Owner's meetings have started. No Jay moves have been announced. The biggest news is that they all seem to behind the idea of expanding the playoffs. 
  • The A's have offered Adrian Beltre $45 million over 5 years. 5 years seems like a long time, but $13 $9 million a year doesn't sound out of line sounds a bit low. 
  • If the Veteran's committee doesn't elect Marvin Miller to the Hall of Fame, they should all be put on a ice flow and set adrift. 
  • Oh and the Jays offered Josh Roenicke, Danny Farquhar and Ryan Goins or Darin Mastroianni for Dan Uggla. Seems like a low ball offer, until you see what the Marlins actually took in trade for him. The Jays were pretty close, if they put in Emaus over Goins/Mastroianni, I think it would have been the better offer. 
  • Speaking of Emaus, think he has a shot at being a utility infielder for us next year?