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Happy Birthday Shawn Camp

Shawn Camp turns 35 today. 

Shawn has had a good 3 seasons with the Jays since JP picked him up as a free agent after a awful 2007 with the Rays where he had a 7.20 ERA. I don't know what he saw in Camp that made him think he could be a useful part of a major league team, but it has sure worked out that way. This past year he had his best season so far with a 2.99 ERA in 70 games. Next year he'll likely be a big part of our bullpen again.

Also today Jamie Moyer turns 48 (if carbon dating can be trusted). One of my favorite players, since he's likely the last one left that is older than me in the majors. 

So happy birthday to both Shawn and Jamie. Hope you both have a good one.