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Words Are Bouncing Off Of Satellites Through the Lonely Night: Friday Kensington Market

Hi everyone - a quick trip around the Jays' blogosphere, courtesy of the great Rentals song "Story of a Thousand Seasons Past."  I'm christening what used to be called the "linkfest" post after the busy, fascinating, extremely diverse Kensington Market, one of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods, since I think it well reflects the nature of the Jays' blogosphere. 

  • New Jays' beat writer Gregor Chisholm talks a bit about the possibility of a Justin Upton trade. Sounds like the D-Backs are asking the world for Upton, and many think the world of him, so maybe it makes sense. 
  • Batters Box's Dave Rutt has done a great job keeping up with the AFL and the Jays who have been playing down there:  John Tolisano, Eric Thames, Adam Loewen, Mike McDade, Marc Rzepczynski, Alan Farina, and Matt Daly.  The recently traded Danny Farquar was also playing there, as was Adeiny Hechavarria prior to being shut down for injury.  I can't remember if we talked about this before but I was surprised not to see Moises Sierra playing after he missed almost the whole season to injury.  Rzep was just getting some more innings in to build up his stamina but some of the younger Jays have performed well in the desert.   
  • The Drunks do their usual great job of breaking down Keith Law's ESPN chats.  I wasn't thrilled with this bit about Hechavarria:

Well, it's his first year in the U.S., he's young, and he's pretty loose and athletic. That said, I think his fielding doesn't match his hype - Iglesias is a better glove right now - and I worry about guys with that much style and panache in everything they do. You don't get extra runs for artistic merit. Just throw the ball straight.


Okay, so the way that Law signs really makes me think of the Famous, the Famous, Mr. Klaw!  Law also didn't think the Jays gave up much in Danny Farquhar, but also isn't crazy about new acquisition Rajai Davis, calling him a "4th/5th Outfielder type". 

Lack of stuff, and what's the upside for a RH sidearmer? A RH specialist, that's what. Those guys are seldom worth much in their best seasons, and their runs of success tend to be short. Nice inventory guy but zero trade value if I'm on the other end of the deal.

  • The Tao of Stieb is wondering what the Jays think they have in Davis.  I'm not sure I agree with this, though.:
    If everything plays out right, we could definitely see Rajai as an everyday guy who slides into each of the outfield slots, and posting an OPS near .800 and getting driven in often by the heart of the order.

  • For folks who have been wondering about the Jays' recent losses to waivers, the Southpaw does a great job breaking down the impending 40-man roster situation and its impact on the Rule 5 draft. 
  • The always great Ghostrunner on First takes a look at the impact of speed and what someone like Rajai Davis brings to the table.  As I mentioned in my long post on Davis, his speed has made him an above-average offensive player even in years that he has been a well-below average hitter. 
  • Joanna over at Hum and Chuck wants Manny.  Ummm, I mean she thinks he'd be a fun addition for the Jays. 
  • For folks who are concerned that I've blacked out drunk on my keyboard at work again when they start reading words like BABIP on this site, Mop Up Duty has a decent primer. 
  • In non-bloggy articles, Gregor Chisholm takes a look at the possibility of J.P. Arencibia becoming the Jays' regular catcher in 2011.  I was very happy to see this AA quote in response to the idea that Arencibia's long-term future might be other than behind the plate:

"J.P. Arencibia for us, there's no question, we view him behind the plate and we don't view him at any other spot," Anthopoulos recently said. "People have talked about his ability to play other positions, because he's that type of athlete and he's that type of kid. But there's no question his value and where we think he has tremendous ceiling and tremendous upside is behind the plate."

  • In one of his final pieces, Jordan Bastian wrote about Shawn Camp, referred to by pitching coach Bruce Walton as "my most consistent reliever" in 2010, and the likelihood that Camp will see higher-leverage, late-inning situations this season.  I like Camp a lot, and his ability to get groundballs and limit walks is very valuable, but a 5.72 K/9 doesn't scream dominant late-inning reliever to me. 

What's on your minds this fine day, Bluebird Banter faithful?