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Roster Moves

John Lott thwipped that the Jays have added C Brian Jeroloman, P Joel Carreno, P Alan Farina, OF Darin Mastroianni and OF Moises Sierra to the 40 man roster. 

That would mean that Brad Emaus and Adam Loewen  (and several others) would be available in the rule 5 draft, unless I'm reading the rule wrong.

I'm surprise that they left those two off. I could see a team taking a chance on Emaus. Or I'm sure some team could hide Adam Loewen on their roster for a season, if they felt he could become a major league hitter. At very least it makes it a little more unlikely that Emaus will win a job with the Jays this spring. The Jays have 2 spots left on the 40 man, incase Alex needs space for a move. 

Sort of surprise that they put Farina on the roster. He has done a great job as a reliever in the low minors but I guess they like him.