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Things I Don't Understand About Our Roster Moves

Let's get the caveat out of the way at the start. Alex and the Jays are closer to the players than I am and know more about how the Rule 5 draft goes than I do. No I don't think Alex is stupid for having a different opinion, I think Hugo is the smartest guy I know (might be saying more about my friends than Hugo) and we disagree a bunch.

All that said, I still don't understand Brad Emaus being left off the 40 man roster. If I was another team that was looking for a utility infielder, I'd grab him. At the low end he could do that job. Upside, he could be a reasonable second baseman. And no he isn't a player to be named in the Olivo trade, that was a cash deal. It is possible that he's part of some deal being worked on at the moment, but that doesn't mean he couldn't be put on the roster, we have two free spots at the moment.

The other one I don't really understand is Moises Sierra being put on and Adam Loewen not. Sierra is in A ball, missed most of the year with an injury, had his best year hitting in 2009 and still didn't slug .400 even then. Loewen played AA, hit decent, killed in the fall league. I know Sierra's defense is good and he has a good arm. Loewen, well I doubt his arm is bad. I can't imagine a team keeping a guy on their roster for the season because he plays good outfield defense, if he can't hit. If I was another team I might take a chance on Loewen. 

I'm not sure I wouldn't have put both Sierra and Loewen on before Farina. Not that I don't think he has a shot, but in 2009 he had a 6.51 ERA in Dunedin. This year, in his second try there and time in New Hampshire, he was great, 1.29 combined, struck out 12 per 9. But it seems like a long shot, to me, that anyone would want to grab him up to sit in their bullpen for the season. 

Glad to see Joel Carreno and Brian Jeroloman added. I could see Jeroloman being the backup catcher if someone is hurt. Carreno struck out 11 per 9 while walking just 2 per 9. He could end up in our bullpen in a couple of years.

There are a couple of players that could have easily come of the list, if we needed more space. No body would be rushing to grab up Luis Perez. Between Vegas and New Hampshire Perez had a WHIP of 1.612 (ever wonder why baseball has to go to 3 decimal places? That 2/1000th is all important), I doubt teams would be lining up to grab him. I wouldn't be too concerned about Rommie Lewis falling off the 40 man either. What are the team's plans for Jeremy Accardo? Could we save time (and a roster spot) by setting him free now, instead of waiting until later to decline to offer him arbitration?

Anyway, odds are we won't loss anyone in the draft and this worry is all for nothing, but I find it interesting to see how the team thinks.