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So, reading between the lines of some recent Alex Anthopoulos interviews, I had the idea that Manny Ramirez would be signed as right after the deadline for offering arbitration. Now, I realize that Alex is way to smart to give anything away, even in between the lines, but I still think that they have an agreement in place with him.

They couldn't have Manny sign a contract before the deadline because they'd be giving up a draft pick, so they couldn't announce it right after the deadline last night. They'd have to wait till they could get together with Manny get his name on the contract. And, since the Jays would want a press conference then he is signed they really can't announce today, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving on the other side of the border. I guess we are going to have to wait until next week, at the earliest, to hear if Ramirez is a Jay.