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Today in Bluebird Banter History

Happy Thanksgiving for those BBBers that are on south side of the border. Eat all the turkey you can, or in Hugo's case all the Italian food you can. Hope you all have an enjoyable day with family (or ignoring family and watching football). I've been in the States a few times on Thanksgiving, I can understand how you need a day of rest before going out and fighting the crowds at the malls tomorrow. 

A year ago today the Jays signed John McDonald to a two year, $3 million contract. I wasn't thrilled. Maybe a bit of an overreaction. I really enjoy watching Mac take infield practice before games. It impresses me how he makes sure every throw is straight over the top. But he should never start a game in the outfield. Or anywhere but SS really. I still think $3 mill is too much.

Two years ago, Hugo and I were having a 'Dangling Conversation'. The question of the day was 'could we compete with Rod Barajas catching and Marco Scutaro playing short?' It is funny to look back and see how little we thought of Scoot as a shortstop back then. We found out how good he could be when the season started. Rod Barajas had a pretty good season too, hitting 19 home runs and driving in 71. But no we couldn't complete, not that those two were the problem. 

Three years ago (roughly) Hugo noted that the J.P. Riccardi announced that he was bringing back Josh Towers to 'compete' for the 5th starter's job, after going 5-10 with a 5.38 ERA the season before.  Hugo was pretty incredulous about it all. As it turned out Towers may have competed for the job, in the spring, but he didn't win the competition. Josh has pitched all of 5.1 major league innings in the last three years.