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Bluebird Links - Berkman, Fasano & Roster Musings

Will they stay or will they go?  Wise and EE have already moved on, is Frasor the next to leave?
Will they stay or will they go? Wise and EE have already moved on, is Frasor the next to leave?

After asking Tom and Hugo, we're going to try to have a regular (maybe every other day) linkfest posting here on Bluebird Banter.  I'll toss some links up every couple of days and everyone can use the post to discuss, well, whatever you want.  Use it like an open post - if you want to talk about the Jays, baseball in general, or something completely unrelated to baseball, have fun in the comments below.  In general, I'll try to have a posting up by 9ish in the morning.

Of course, after volunteering for this, I spent the weekend painting my house and didn't touch a computer or TV all weekend, so excuse me if a few of these links are a little old (it doesn't look like I missed much).  Random side note - if you're painting, take off the light switch covers paints and for that matter, any other removable fixtures.  I mean takes how much time?  24 hours later and I still smell like vinegar from stripping paint off of random fixtures that someone was too lazy to take off. 

Anyway, check out the links after the jump, and if there's enough interest, hopefully we can keep this going through the off-season.

Jays Links:

Berkman Names Interested Teams: MLB Rumors
Add another name to AA's list.

Lugnuts manager Fasano could be on the move | | Lansing State Journal
Fasano (check out that mustache) is being considered for the managerial position at Double-A New Hampshire.

Rule 5 Draft Possibilities: Pitchers | Jays Journal | A Toronto Blue Jays Blog
Jared Macdonald at Jays Journal has a look at a few interesting pitchers available in the Rule 5 Draft.

1 Blue Jays Way : Toronto Blue Jays Blog: Rule 5 Draft
And here is a list of all available Rule 5 Players.

Fluke watch: Ricky Romero
The Hardball Times takes a look at the pitches of Ricky Romero to determine if he can repeat or improve upon his performance from this year.

The 5th starter -A Toronto Blue Jays Blog: Compensation picks
The 5th starter takes a look at Jays compensation picks of the 2000's. I think Adam Lind was missed as part of the Kelvim Escobar compensation. A quick list of older comp picks that played for the Jays includes: John Cerutti, 1981 (Roy Howell); Tom Henke, 1985 (he was already drafted, but the Jays picked him as compensation for the loss of Cliff Johnson); Shawn Green, 1991 (Buddy Black) - yeah, that one worked out okay for the Jays. Shannon Stewart, 1992 (Tom Candiotti); Chris Carpenter, 1993 (Tom Henke)

Toronto Blue Jays Top 20 Prospects for 2011 - Minor League Ball
John Sickels at Minor League Ball takes a look at the Jays top 23 prospects. He has 1 A prospect, 2 B+ prospects and 11 B/B- prospects (not bad for a self-labelled 'tough grader')

The Blue Jay Hunter: Will You Accept This Arbitration Offer?

Blue Jay Hunter wonders who accepts arbitration by Tuesday's midnight deadline

Around the League

Joe Posnanski - The Age Of The Setup Man
A must read about bullpen strategy.  Seriously, read this one.

Dirk Hayhurst " Blog Archive " Pitching Mechanics, and You.

I teach pitching mechanics because it’s what I know. Actually, it’s all I know. I can’t hit and I don’tturn double plays with decorative leaps over sliding runners. I pitch, and I do it my own unique way.

THE BOOK--Does (one-year) UZR tell us exactly what happened?
Short answer, no. Interesting read / refresher.

A repentant Josh Hamilton has miraculously restored the skills - Albert Chen -
An old (circa 2008) but great article about Josh Hamilton's struggles early in his career. Incredible how far he has come from then, to deservedly winning the MVP last week.  If you've never heard his story (and really, who hasn't?), read this.  If you have heard his story, it's still a good read.


If I missed a link, throw it in the comments and I will add later.  So, Bluebird Banterer's, who accepts and who declines arbitration by the deadline?  I think the biggest question mark is Jason Frasor - the others all decline.

Late Additions


Vin Scully turns 83 years old