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Today in Bluebird Banter History

A year ago today Jessef wrote about what we could expect from Ricky Romero in 2010. Jessef figured a FIP of 4.20 in 190 innings, which seemed like a nice improvement from his 4.33 FIP and 178 innings in 2009. Ricky did even better than Jesse thought, with a 3.64 FIP in 210 innings, but it was a pretty good prediction, take a bow Jesse.

A year ago we also picked up Jarrett Hoffpauir off waivers and the Jays announced that Vernon Wells was to have wrist surgery. 

Three Years ago Hugo wrote about what to do with the who would play shortstop in 2008 and what role John McDonald would have. Marco Scutaro's name only came up in passing.