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Hall of Fame Poll: Roberto Alomar

We'll run a poll for each of the players on the Hall of Fame ballot. We'll start with Roberto Alomar.

Roberto had a 17 year major league career, playing on 7 different teams. 5 of those seasons were with our Blue Jays, where he won his two World Series rings. He finished with 2724 hits, 210 home runs, 474 stolen bases and a .300/.371/.443 slash line.

On the MLB leader board he sits 66th in runs scored, 55th in hits, 100th in walks and 41st in stolen bases. Baseball Reference has him at a 63.5 total WAR wish would put him 87th among position players all time. He is on our list of top 50 Jays, which lead to the dumbest argument I've had on this site. Who would have thought there were people that thought spitting at people was a good thing to do.

He has had his share of controversies, which kept him off enough writer's ballots last year that he didn't make it last year. I wonder if it will again this year?