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Who would you pick as our top three prospects?

After starting on putting together our top prospects list and then seeing the Baseball America top 10 list and a few others out there, it looks like this is the first time in recent memory that there isn't pretty much a consensus on who should be at the top of the prospects list. So I thought I'd ask you all who you think are our top three prospects?

I won't share my top 3 because I don't want to blow the surprise from when we post our list. And, course, Hugo may have different ideas (we've just started the process of arguing it out) so I don't want to say 'these are the top 3' and then later say someone else is. 

It is early in our process yet, I'm willing to be convinced I'm wrong. So let us know who would be your top 3 Blue Jay prospects. Make your case for your choices.