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Hall of Fame Poll: Jeff Bagwell

I'm going to go through the list on the Hall of Fame ballot alphabetically, but Carlos Baerga would be up next up, while he was a good player, I don't think anyone would see him as a Hall of Fame type. We'll skip him.

Jeff Bagwell was a heck of a player, even playing in the very pitcher friendly Astrodome, he was able to hit 30+ home runs each year. He could take a walk, he had 7 straight seasons of 100+ walks. He even had some speed, stealing 202 bases in his career. He drove 100 runs in 8 different seasons. His only season with an OPS+ under 100 was his very last season.

Jeff finished with 2114 hits, 449 home runs and 1529 RBI. His slash line is pretty great: .297/.408/.540. You can see his career numbers here.

Bagwell played for the Astros his whole career. He was Rookie of the Year in 1991, NL MVP in 1994. He also won one Gold Glove at first base.

I saw him play live once, at the Astrodome. He had the widest stance at the plate that I've ever seen.