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Hall of Fame Poll: Jack Morris

I'm going to skip Raul Mondesi, he had a good career but not a Hall of Fame one. He did have a couple of years with Toronto that weren't all that bad. For us he hit .251/.328/.470 with 66 homer, 196 RBI and 61 stolen bases. in 2.5 seasons. In his 13 seasons in the majors he hit 271 home runs with 860 RBI, 229 steals and a .273/.331/.485 line. Quite good but not a Hall of Fame type.

Jack Morris pitched for 18 seasons in the majors, most of them with the Tigers but he did have 2 years with the Jays, our World Series years. Jack won 21 games for us in 1992 when we won our first World Series. In 1993 the went 7-12 and didn't pitch in the playoffs . In his 18 seasons he had a 254-186, a 3.90 ERA and 2478 strikeouts. He also won a World Series with the Tigers and one with the Twins. He pitched one of the all time great World Series games in 1991, going 10 scoreless innings against the Twins to get the win and give the Twins the series. Morris was voted series MVP.

He ranks 42nd all time in wins, 31st in strikeouts and 36th in games starts.

This will be Morris' 12th time on the Hall of Fame ballot. Last year he had his best showing getting 52.3% of the vote. In the middle of his career we all thought he would be a sure thing to make the Hall, but times change.