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Hall of Fame Poll: Dave Parker

Running off to play racquetball and since there is no news this morning I'll just put up the next in the Hall of Fame polls. Dave Parker is another player that in the middle of his career everyone figured for a Hall of Famer but he only got 15% of the vote last year. This is his 15th time on the ballot and he has never gotten more than 24% of the vote.

A huge part of the Pirates World Series win in 1979, he got a second ring in 1989 with Oakland. An MVP in 1978, likely the best player in baseball from 1977-1979. He also came in second in MVP voting in 1985 and third twice, as well as getting votes 5 other times. 7 time All-Star, 3 time Gold Glove, led the league in batting twice, doubles twice and RBI once. Hit 339 homers, drove in 1493 and had a .290/.339/.471 batting line in a 19 year career. He finished his career with the Jays. His full numbers are here.

He also had a bit of a cocaine problem. Course, throw a dart at a list of top MLB players from the late 70s and you'd likely hit one that used coke.