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Hall of Fame Poll: Tim Raines

If there is one guy on the list that I'd like to see in the Hall it would be Tim Raines. It is Tim's 4th time on the ballot, last year he got 30.4%. For me, he's the second best leadoff hitter ever.

He had a great 23 year career, had 2605 hits, 1571 runs, 170 homers, 430 doubles, 808 steals and a .294/.385/.425 line. Was on 7 All-Star teams, 1 Silver Sluggers. He is 50th on the runs scored list and 5th on steals. His full stats are here.

Here is a page making the case for Rock.

I guess loses some votes for the cocaine use, but I always wonder why the ones that wouldn't vote for him would vote for Paul Molitor.