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Hall of Fame Poll: Alan Trammell

I'm skipping B.J. Surhoff. He had a very good career, played 19 years in the majors for the Brewers, Orioles and Braves. He started out as a catcher, played some third base and moved to the outfield for most his career. He hit 188 home runs, had 1153 RBI and had a .282/.332/.413 line. A very good career but not a Hall of Fame type.

Alan Trammell on the other hand was one of three really great shortstops that came up around the same time. Trammell, Robin Yount and Cal Ripken. Yount and Ripken are in the Hall, Trammell isn't. This will be Trammell's 10th time on the ballot. Kind of a side note, I never figured we'd see that sort of thing again and then Jeter, ARod and Nomar come up virtually together.

Trammell was on 6 All-Star teams, one 4 Gold Gloves and 3 Silver Sluggers. He had 185 home runs, 1003 RBI and 236 stolen bases in a 20 year career. His career stats are here.