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Hall of Fame Poll: Dale Murphy

I missed Dale Murphy, so we'll put him in now. Dale is another one that, in the middle of his career, seemed like a sure thing to make the Hall, but this is his 13th time on the ballot. He won 2 MVP awards, was on 7 All-Star teams, 5 Gold Gloves and 4 Silver Sluggers. He finished with 398 home runs, 1266 RBI and a .265/.346/.469 line.

He came up to the majors as a catcher, played a couple of seasons at first base, then played center for most of his career, moving over to right field when he started losing some range.

He really was one of the great players in baseball then his bat pretty much just quick on him. He had OPS+ of 142,149, 149, 152, 121, 157 then 106, 89, 99, 96....If the decline phase of his career had been more gradual he would be in the Hall now. His career stats are here.