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Adam Lind Gets Instruction at First.

MLB's Larry Millson has a story up about Adam Lind heading to Dunedin to take lessons in playing first base

I'm really glad to see this. The more work he can get before spring training the better. I don't see any reason that he wouldn't be ok at the position. He's a nice big target and, it is like they are asking him to play short, he is plenty athletic enough to play first. 

"It will be like a five-day crash course and then some more work in January," Anthopoulos said on Wednesday. "The more work he can get done ahead of time, the more prepared he will be for Spring Training."

Anthopoulos said Minor League roving infield coach Mike Mordecai and third-base coach Brian Butterfield will be involved.

So how would you like to be a major league coach. Put in 8 months work where you are away from home almost all the time then put in more time during the off season. The good thing is he couldn't have better people teaching him. 

Lyle Overbay gave Brian Butterfield a lot of credit for helping make him a good defensive player. I wonder if he can do it again?

I'm glad to see Adam doing this work and glad to see the team work with him. Playing in the field could help him at the plate too, keep his mind in the game and take the pressure off each at bat.