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Bluebird Links - Conspiracy! And E5, Farrell and Jose Conseco News

Richard Griffin posted an article yesterday, titled, Jays working count on Greinke.  In general, I think Griffin has been putting together some decent work for the last year or so, but this 'conspiracy theory' article is a little out to lunch.

There is an unseen side of being a baseball general manager, conducted behind closed doors, that is manipulative and not reflected in the everyday transactions column.  The Red Sox and Yankees have forever been masters of mutual obstruction. Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos is working at it.

This sounds like the perfect lead in to a techno-thriller superhero movie.  Read this in your head with Morgan Freeman doing the voice screen with a lead in to sinister Brian Cashman and Theo Epstein in their dark lairs, and then picture young AA wearing a cape and set to embark on a quest to defeat the evil empires - to do so, he has to give part of himself over to the dark side and learn their evil ways.  Bingo, summer superhero blockbuster.

Your links and the article breakdown are after the jump. What's on your mind today?

he (AA) would have been well aware Milwaukee was in the hunt for Zack Greinke from the Royals and that the Royals, in turn, liked Lawrie. But the Jays also coveted Greinke. What to do?

Do the Jays actually covet Greinke? Has anyone ever confirmed this, or is it just baseless speculation?

Anthopoulos called the Brewers general manager and offered opening day starter Shaun Marcum to help with the top of the Brewers rotation. Then he asked for the second-base prospect Lawrie.

Umm, did he? Or is Griffin just making this up? According to this TSN article:  "Shaun's name came up late. I was not prepared to trade him for Brett, as tempting as it was. Then, the more I thought about it and knowing how much I wanted Brett and how much he fit and how hard it is to get young, talented position players with that type of ceiling"  

I added the bold.  Doesn't really sound like AA offered Marcum, sounds more like Melvin request Marcum.

Was Melvin satisfied? It was like feeding a starving vegan a turkey dinner. He knows he shouldn't have taken it but he also knows he's not hungry anymore.

I don't know, from what I have heard and read, Melvin and the Brewers organization sounded pretty satisfied to me. If last year wasn't an outlier, Marcum's value isn't a whole lot less than Greinke's anyway - it's not like they wanted Roger Clemens at his peak, and settled for Brian Tallet.

Which brings us to Cliff Lee and the Phillies. This manipulative misdirection happens all the times in the backrooms of the majors, especially between the Yankees and Red Sox, Evil Empires I & II

Okay, here we go. Now we've segwayed into what Griff really wanted to write about.

They are just rumours for now, but did Red Sox GM Theo Epstein hint to the Phils that he might help by taking Joe Blanton's guaranteed $17 million for the next two years so that they could make payroll room and shake hands on that final decision to steal Lee from the Yankees?

Did they? I don't know, I'm sure it's possible, but, if they didn't want Lee to go the Yankees so badly, why wouldn't they just take a run at him? Lee is only getting payed $11M this year (not much more than Blanton) - the Red Sox could have afforded him. Unless they did, and he had no interest in Boston. However, regarding the Blanton rumour, the first thing google showed me when I search for 'Blanton to Red Sox rumours', was this article from three days ago:  

Now's Sean McAdam has quoted a source who said of the Blanton rumors that they "Don't know where this is coming from.''

Is it more likely that those rumours were just more baseless speculation or do you think Boston actually told Philly that they'd take Blanton off their hands? Seeing as the rumours shot down almost before they were made, I wouldn't have put much stock in them. Besides, isn't Blanton kind of redundant to Boston's pitching staff?

How do the Red Sox figure? It's funny that the first team mentioned by media when Blanton's fate as an overpaid fifth starter was being discussed was the Red Sox.

Yes, that is funny. It's funny too, how much sway the media has in regards to these so called rumours. Baseless speculation, or true story? I don't know, but Griffin is reaching for this article on what was, a slow news day before the EE signing.

Jays Links

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I took a look at Carl Crawford's contract info on Cot's. One of the clauses is worth noting. The Boston Red Sox can block a trade of Carl to one team.

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Remembering Bob Feller

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