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Happy Birthday Jim Clancy and Roy Howell

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Jim Clancy turns 55 today and Roy Howell 57.

Jim Clancy pitched for us from 1977 to 1988. He and Dave Stieb battled for franchise lead in wins for a number of years. He was a horse, he threw 250 innings in 1980 and 266.2 in 1982. He is still second in team history in complete games win 73. He is also #23 on our list of Top 50 Jays.

Roy Howell is also on the list of Top 50 Jays coming in at 47th. He only spent 4 seasons with the team. He hit .272/.335/.407 playing third for the Jays. After the 1980 season he left the Jays signing with the Brewers and platooned at DH with Don Money for 4 years.

Happy Birthday to both.