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Happy Birthday Jim Clancy and Roy Howell

Jim Clancy turns 55 today and Roy Howell 57.

Jim Clancy pitched for us from 1977 to 1988. He and Dave Stieb battled for franchise lead in wins for a number of years. He was a horse, he threw 250 innings in 1980 and 266.2 in 1982. He is still second in team history in complete games win 73. He is also #23 on our list of Top 50 Jays.

Roy Howell is also on the list of Top 50 Jays coming in at 47th. He only spent 4 seasons with the team. He hit .272/.335/.407 playing third for the Jays. After the 1980 season he left the Jays signing with the Brewers and platooned at DH with Don Money for 4 years.

Happy Birthday to both.