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Poll Time: Who will play the most at third this year?

Since there is nothing for Blue Jay news or even rumors this weekend, I thought I'd ask a question: Who do you think will get the most playing time at third base this season?

I'll list the obvious possibilities: Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. Brett Lawrie, as much as I think he should have a full year in the minors to learn the position, if that is the Jay's plan for him, could end up learning at Toronto. I'm sure his bat would be ok and you couldn't have a better person to teach him the position than Brian Butterfield. It is still possible that we could sign Adrian Beltre. Or trade for Michael Young. I get the occasional email from people that might be in the know, saying the Jays are considering going after him. Or we could move Aaron Hill there and pick up someone else to play second.

So let us know who you think the Jays will end up using at third.